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Statistical process control

In a largest lead-acid batteries believes that Quality should be maintained from the initial and basic stages itself. So they want to have a control system in Grid Casting (Initial Stage in the Battery Manufacturing Process) where they produce Grids (Basic Component in any Acid Batteries) to monitor, analyze and improve the Quality from the initial stages of the manufacturing process.


Business Challenge

The customer wanted to address production challenges which are impact the production.

  •  Data Collection from interfaces, weighing machine to capture weight and Vernier callipers to capture thickness in the shop floor.
  •  The system should be sophisticated such that the shop floor application data should be updated dynamically (ex. Over period new Machines, Products, Operators can be added to the system).
  •  Reports for the senior officials to check the Quality at macro and micro level.

AdventSys Solution

AdventSys Technologies has provided a solution to address all the above challenges and named it as Statistical Process Control (SPC) System.

  •  Statistical Process Control (SPC) System offers more functionalities than just data capturing such has security, accurate reports, reduces time and helps to maximize the Quality.
  •  The SPC system divided into two parts,
    • Line App that accepts shift information, Data collection from the interfaces.
    • Web Application for the Master Forms and Reports.
  •  AdventSys real time SPC tools bring possibilities to manufacturing industries to eliminate rejections and quality products to the end customer.

Application modules:

  •  WPF application dedicated to Line App. interfaced with Weigh machine and Vernier callipers, which includes the details of the Add Shift Information, Interface Configuration, Collect the data and show the current shift information for the user.
  •  The WPF application can be interfaced with the Weighing Machine and Vernier callipers using TCP/IP, RS232, and USB.
  •  WPF application will have User roles to better control the Quality process.
    • Admin : Will have complete access in addition with configuring the Comm. Ports between the Line PC and interfaces.
    • QA Technician : Will have complete access And will assign the current shift operators and collect the SPC Data.
    • Operator : Only operators assigned by the QA Technician can be able to login and able to view Quality data and can check the minimal SPC data.
  •  Web Application will have Master control over the shop floor data like Machines, Products, Operators, Users who can access the Web and line Apps with the help of Master Forms.
  •  Web Application have Reports, which are Industry standard and custom made from the data, collected from the line Application. like
    • Trend Chart: Run chart plotted for the quality parameters like Weight and Thickness and data collected from the line app.
    • Histogram: For complete process variation.
    • X Bar, R (range) Chart: X bar and Range chart will plotted against spec and average of sub groups of samples collected.
    • Cp, Cpk: Cp, Cpk Calculations are Industry standard and will be calculated based on the sub groups collected from the line App.


Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server


Visual studio

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)

Entity framework, WPF application

Client Benefits

  •  Increased Quality - From the data collected in line periodically, the line operators are able to compare the quality and produce better quality products.
  •  Better management - With the help of master forms in the Web application, the senior officers can be able to update the master data from the web application thus making the SPC process easy and user friendly.
  •  Effective process control - Based on the samples collected periodically, the line operators will be able to produce better quality products and the senior managers are able to review the process and with the help of reports and calculations will be able to make effective decisions.
  •  Eliminated paperwork - The software captures all the necessary information needed for every shift and stored securely in the server that could be accessed anytime.
  •  Security - Data once collected will not be able to alter in any form by any one. Only allows certain employees to have access with proper authentication and authorisation.