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Enterprise content management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) goes beyond traditional Document Management Systems (DMS) by providing an integrated platform to store & share information across the organization. The content management systems provide easy content authoring, reliable performance and an excellent security.

The CMSes will also offer modularity and extended functionality with add-on modules and plug-ins which increases application coverage & scalability with lesser code to production. The time to production is greatly reduced by leveraging CMSs functionality.

Why ECM Is Important?

The CMS platform offer organizations to gain better control of content and information with various readily available options via plug-ins and modules. For some CMSes such as Drupal has an extensive collection of third-party modules which extends application functionality quicker with less amount of effort to coding & testing. The content management system eco-system offers great amount of application stability and chance for severe code issues compared to other applications developed using the tools without pre-built modules.

There are plenty of use cases are implemented through CMS. Be it developing a corporate web site for a company or micro sites for the marketing department, CMSes come in handy in these situations. The workflow-based systems can be easily built using some of the CMS tools.

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What AdventSys can offer?

AdventSys provides development and support services to help customers to utilize full potential of ECM tools to accelerate productivity, improve governance and fulfil digital transformation goals. We have team of experts who can provide support in implementing your enterprise content management strategy.

Our technology service in ECM space includes the following:


Drupal based corporate websites and microsites for your department and product or services

  • E-commerce Applications
  • Workflow based applications using Drupal
  • Drupal Upgrade services (example Drupal 7 to 8)
  • Drupal migration (data migration from lower version to upper version)
  • Drupal API integration with other systems such as ERP and Mobile apps

Microsoft SharePoint

  • SharePoint installation & Upgrade
  • Custom application development using SharePoint
  • SharePoint based workflow systems
  • Office 365 SharePoint customisation and development
  • Include Animal Colony management in the success stories