Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

AdventSys Warehouse Management System

Animal Colony Management System

WMS web application readily integrated with an Android-powered handheld terminal for smooth and error-free movements of materials in and out of the warehouse. Easily adaptable to all industry sectors.

Not just the current location and quantity of a material, the WMS helps in backtracking the material, since its arrival into the warehouse and all the processes it underwent since then.WMS keeps a complete track of all the movements from, to and within a storage location.

A host of other tasks that WMS performs may include: Receiving, Quality Assurance/Inspection, Put-away, Internal Issue(for Production), Picking, Packing, Shipping, etc.. The tasks may vary across various industries and verticals.

Based on the above-mentioned operations, WMS helps the users with various dashboards/reports that would help them to analyze and plan further activities like Purchasing, Production, Customer Order Replenishments, etc. Hence WMS forms an integral part of industries such as manufacturing, automobiles, pharma, retail to name a few.

warehouse management system

warehouse management android hand held device

WMS also has HHT(Handheld Terminal device) integration using an android app, where we can scan the generated barcodes for completing various operations like a stock check, put-away, picking, etc.which makes the system robust by avoiding manual entries for such items.

WMS includes reports like the stock report, inventory report, barcode tracking, status and time taken for each of the WIP processes.

Key features:


The software is available as plain vanilla and can be easily customized as per client requirement


Dynamic form integration with static form.

Life Sciences ISV’s

Can import any data sets(Excel or CSV ), and map it to our system.

Barcode label

Unique barcode generation with specified configurations using network printing.

Clinical Research Organizations

In the Android app, we have an offline mode to store the data (in online/ network zone) and work on the process like Put away/GRN, Picking/MRS, QC. We can sync back the saved data to a server, on the availability of network.


Module-wise 'Roles and Permissions' can be assigned to users, both in HHT and Web application.

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