Automation Testing

test automation

Automated testing or test automation is a technique of software testing that allows the special software tools to control, the execution of test cases and then compares test results with expected results.

Why Automation Testing?

In any software or product development, the most important part to ensure defect free delivery before production or go live. This can be achieved with continuous testing of software with all the possibilities manually.

But the process has constraints like time, human involvement. Manual testing leads to delay in deployment of software/product when there are repeated developments or bug fixes or to check compatibility with different browsers, different operating systems.

YTo overcome these constraints we use test automation, where once created automation scripts can be easily utilized multiple times and these scripts can be reused to perform tasks that were restricted in manual testing to check the compatibility of software in different environments and more on.


Adventsys Testing Capabilities

  • Write once and execution tests across the devices, operating systems and browsers.
  • Minimal human intervention and uninterrupted automated test execution
  • Reusable automation components
  • Flexible, repeatable, and stable automation suite
  • Selective test-run to meet release objectives
  • Allows non-technical users to run tests with limited handholding.
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  • We have established and tested methodology and network
  • We are active advisors and not only business partners
  • We are active advisors and not only business partners

Tools and Technologies

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)


Cucumber Testing
Katalon Studio
API testing
API Testing
security test
Security Testing
performance test
Performance Testing
Compatibility Testing
manual testing
Manual software Testing
Desktop / Web

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