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Automation Frameworks which AdventSys offer

Input data in the excel sheet/table format/CSV files/database which allows the automation test engineer to execute the single test script with various possible input test data.

Our Framework for Testing


An approach where all the test cases are analyzed and all the same /reusable flows are grouped, all these grouped flow functions are stored in external files and utilized during execution of test scripts.

Cucumber+Selenium+Selenide+Maven+Testng+Java+Dev-ops tools Here we have used a combination of Data-Driven framework, Modular automation framework, and integration with different automation tools, with customized test report generation, DevOps tools, where the test scripts or test suites are scheduled for execution

  •  Data-driven framework
  •  Modular Automation framework :
  •  Customized framework/Hybrid Automation framework

The approach we follow for Automation testing:

  •  Selection of appropriate Automation framework as per requirements
  •  Analyzing, writing the tests scripts/ test definition
  •  Maintaining test result reports (like email alerts, track of pass-failed scripts)
  •  Maintaining test scripts / Test Management
  •  Selection of DevOps tools for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Reports we generate (Collection of Test Results or Test results)

  •  Email notification on the passed/failure of test scripts
  •  Detailed test reports of failed test scripts with screenshots

Sample Report